We are the daughter of an Austrian company which produces Fun trains since 1997. These trains are for tourist areas for shopping centers, pedestrian precinct, exhibitions, as substitute for a normal bus to attract attention, or as means of transport to connect for example two communities.

Since 2005 we function in colaboration with BMZ in Romania. By opening an production factory for the funtrains we wish to give you the opportunity to buy these unique transportation vehicles directly from the manufacturer.

The construction of the Fun trains is up to date. We use the latest modern technique and so we can meet with all of our customer's expectations. Our competence and reliability offers you a relief and care freeness for the use of the train at your location.

Our trains are suitable for summer and winter and also for difficult areas. For driving in the mountains or in the valley we have the right train for you.

The big advantage of our Fun trains is that all STS Fun train models are built up conventional chassis of Suzuki, Land Rover, Mercedes G and Nissan Patrol. These ensure the customer that all Services can be carried out in a Suzuki, Mercedes or Nissan garage in the immediate vicinity.

Please give us the opportunity to present you our products and services!